Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

It’s Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re going out with your sweetie, or staying in with some sweets, it’s a beautiful day, and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest. Here’s a little project to make this day just a bit sweeter than it already is.


Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

To start off, you’re going to need some willing hands. You can use yours, or do what I did and grab some sweet sweet children or siblings (in my case, I got my little sisters). Other than that, you’ll need the following:

– Paper
– Pencil
– Scissors
– Toothpicks
– Crayons
– Crafter’s glue

Now, clear a space on your dining room table, have the young’uns take a seat, and explain to them the following. This means that you get to show them; so you have to make one, too. And there’s nothing better for the ol’ nerves than getting paper scraps on your carpet and glue on your hands. 🙂 Sit back, relax, and let the crayons scribble.

To start off, take one of your sheets of paper and fold it over lengthways, about 1/4 of the way. Using the pencil, draw two 1/2 hearts (or as I thought when I was little, “Ice cream cones”) on this, with the crease in the paper down the center of the heart. Try to make them about the same size. (If you can’t eyeball it, fold the paper down from the top and draw one ice cream cone… Then cut through the 4 layers of paper to get two hearts.)

Next, think “Crayola.” It’s magical. Color in the ice cream cones.

Next you can cut them out. Of course, you don’t have to color them before you cut them out, but if you want the coloring to be different on each side of the heart like me, it’s just easier to keep the color in the lines and looking sharp this way.

Now you can color in the next half, making sure to do it on top of another paper. This way you can color right to the edge, and you don’t have to worry about coloring waxy impossible-to-clean-ness onto your table.

Now do the other heart. They can be the same, or different, but I’ve opted to make them basically the same since they’re going on the same toothpick.

Now turn one of the pieces over, stick some glue and a toothpick on there like so, and glue the other heart over top.

Dun-dun-na! See? Doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Make them look homemade.

If you want the shape to be a little more uniform, you can always trim away bits from the edges with scissors. Let this piece dry, and then make some more. You’ll want 1-2 hearts per cupcake.

Assembling the cupcakes:

For this part, you will need…

– Some cupcakes (Any kind, using any recipe. I’m just using some regular chocolate cupcakes.)
– Buttercream frosting, tinted pink (You can make your own, using any basic recipe– or if you’re going to buy it, Duncan Hines Buttercream Frosting has a pretty good taste and consistency. Just add a few drops of red food color to get pink, or use a pink gel food coloring.)
– Red Sprinkles
– A piping bag and large star tip (I find that Wilton’s tip #2D is pretty good for this job– the one I have here is a little bigger, but #2D is easy to find and does the job well.)
– Scissors
– Your lovely toothpick hearts

Start of by baking your cupcakes and cooling them off completely.

Next, assemble your supplies. Snip the tip off of your piping bag and fit it with your star tip; then fill the bag with your tinted frosting, and twist up the bottom nice and tight to prevent frosting from spilling out the end while you work.

Next, pipe some large pink swirls onto the cupcakes, like so.

Then sprinkle them with red sprinkles…

Then top them with your hearts…

…And voila, an edible Valentine! You can always write little messages on the hearts too, if you want to make them a little more personalized.

Aren’t they sweet? 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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