Happy Pączki Day!

Since my last post was about sugar, I originally thought I’d post about some spice today to give you some variety… But no. It is Tuesday, yes… And I do update this blog on Tuesdays. But this is not just any Tuesday. This is Fat Tuesday.

Depending on where you’re from, you may not know what I am talking about when you see the title of this post. What’s a “Pączki,” you might want to know? Well. If you look them up on Wikipedia, you’ll get a whole bunch of cool information about them. But to keep things simple, I’ll just give you the general idea.

In my words, a pączki (pronounced “poonch-key”) is a wonderful Polish donut, traditionally eaten on Fat Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday, when many people observe the fasting season of lent.) Since pączkis are probably the least allowed food of all time during that season, Fat Tuesday is a day to just… Well… Make a holiday out of eating donuts, because at that point it’s still allowed, and donuts are delicious. Especially these donuts.


This is a very exciting thing. At least, in my part of the world it is. There is a large Polish community in this area, and so… There are pączkis. Lots, and lots of pączkis. In fact, where I come from, there are so many pączkis, you pretty much can’t escape them. So while some of us may not be observing lent… We are observing the pączkis. And we are quite willingly (and joyfully, I might add) putting the “Fat” in Fat Tuesday.

We (my family and I) became aware of these donuts through a friend of the family, and through a newspaper article we read about a bakery in the city that makes 30,000+ pączkis every year! Wanting to see what all the hype was about, we went and got some… And now, every year, it’s tradition! First thing in the morning, out we go to pick up our pączkis. We usually go to a few different places, wanting to try the different kinds to see who makes the best ones. One of these days, I’d like to try making some myself… But for now, I’m enjoying the tradition of heading out into the freezing morning air with my mom and siblings to buy them. I guess I just like traditions. 🙂

The pączkis I have pictured in this post are all from Lakeside Bakery in Leamington. Other places we have tried would be Blak’s Bakery in Windsor, Steimar’s Bakery in Windsor, and Tim Horton’s… Also in Windsor. 🙂 Lakeside is probably our favorite.

Prune filled–

Cream filled–

Custard filled (my favorite!)–

Assorted: Apple, Raspberry, Lemon, and Custard

Annnnd… Lots of filling on the inside. Oh yes.

If you can, go find yourself a pączki! It’s the perfect day for a donut.

Back again next week!



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  1. Hello Naomi,
    As I'm Pole and a pączkis lover too, I would like to mentioned that we make pączki (and also delicious faworki IOW angel wings) on Fat Thursday (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fat_Thursday), not on Fat Tuesday. On this day I can eat even 8 to 10! My favorite are filled with jam with rose petals (most popular) and soft chocolate.
    Cheers from Warsaw 🙂


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