Pam & Gerry

I know what you’re thinking. First, you came onto this page and saw “Pam and Gerry” and you thought, “Whaa–?” You were confused.

Then you saw that picture up there, and you thought “WHHAAAAT IS THAT? YES PLEASE!”

I knew it. I like the way you think.

Now you’re reading this, hoping that I will tell you who Pam and Gerry are, and how on earth you can get that brownie from them. Or something along those lines, anyway. Allow me to explain.

Meet Pam:

She is my new friend. Why? Well, because these days when I need to grease a pan, do I pull out a jug of canola oil? Nope. I whip out a can of this, and zip-zip, voila. She makes me feel prestigious. B-)

Now, meet Gerry. Or rather, Ghirardelli, whom I have fondly nicknamed, Gerry.

Ah ha! It’s all coming together now! It’s finally making sense! 😛

Actually, this may seem like cheating to you… “This is a blog about baking, and here you are posting a mix on your blog. Shame, shame, shame.” Well… Fine. If you’re thinking that, I understand. I once thought the same thing, and still, sometimes, am inclined to think that. Mixes don’t count. Well. Most mixes, that is. This one is different… It’s like magic in box.

In all my days, I’ve never encountered (homemade or from a mix) a brownie so chewy, so chocolately, and so everything-a-brownie-was-ever-made-to-be as the ones that come out of that box.

And all you need is Pam, Gerry, oil, water, and eggs. And a pan. Then you’re good to go.

Here I am, with Gerry. See how happy I look? That could be you!

Dun-na! Hehe, it probably seems like I was paid to advertise these products or something… Nope. This is what you call “Word of mouth advertising.” It just-so-happens that I love these brownies, so I wanted to share them with you.

Doesn’t that look delectable? Now I want one.

Back next week!


**Note:  Don’t forget to check out the “Upcoming Projects” list on the right hand side of this page to see which project you could take home!


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