Raspberry Sponge Cake

Okay!  So here is my first official project post, rather than just posting recipes, and… stuff.  Hehe.  This post may not be the best representation of a project post, since I actually made this cake a while ago, and (no surprise), my first week going– I didn’t get any orders for this cake, so I only have the pictures from the last time I made it.  I did take the photos in case this happened though, so I got some good ones– even though they might not show the whole process as well as I plan to have them do so for future projects.  

This week’s project, the Raspberry Sponge Cake, is pretty basic, and most of my learning this week came from reading about various kinds of sponge cakes.  I’ve made a number of different sponge cakes in the past, so I have had some previous experience– but I never realized before how MANY different kinds there are!  For this particular cake, I have chosen to use a classic French genoise sponge cake.  I like the genoise sponge cake for it’s light, spongy texture and versatility; you can use it for just about anything, bake it in just about any pan, and either leave it plain or soak it with flavor syrups to infuse different flavors and add moisture. 

Rather than using a syrup for this cake, and I am keeping it plain– which means that it has a bit of a more dry crumb, but I actually really like the taste of it that way.  It’s not “dry” per se, but it has a little more to it than one of those “Melt-in-your-mouth-moist” cakes.  In this recipe, I have paired it with fresh whipped cream (slightly sweetened), and fresh raspberries.  Nothing too fancy, but very light and delicious. 

The genoise sponge cake, like most other sponge cakes, has one main ingredient– eggs.  This particular cake has 6.

Annnd here they are…  Meet Brenda, Sam, Louie, Stevie, Spud, and Joey. 

Hehe, yup, they have personalities.  (If I’m going to be posting baking projects every week, with pictures each time, I figured the egg photos would probably get a little boring unless I made them interesting in one way or another.)  A little cheesy, perhaps, but whatever.  I’m a little cheesy sometimes, what can I say?  😉   
Anyway, back to the cake…



The genoise sponge cake is made by beating eggs and sugar together by hand, warming that mixture slightly, and then beating it with an electric mixer until it triples in volume (I love that part). 

Then you add some flour and salt, and in some genoise sponge cake recipes, a little melted butter at the end (as in my recipe).  The volume of the beaten eggs is all you need to give the cake that airy, spongy texture– no leavening agents are needed.      

Then of course, your pour the batter into lined and greased pans, bake the cakes, and try to be around when the timer goes off.  Hehe… Yeah, I wasn’t when mine did (I was hosting a party and didn’t hear it right away).  That’s why the cakes are a little dark on the outside; but the inside was not affected, so I wasn’t too distraught over that one. 😉  
And of course, lastly, I whipped some heavy cream with a bit of sugar and vanilla, piped it in between and on top of the layers, and filled ‘er up with raspberries.  Lovely.

Don’t forget to check back to see next week’s post for Easter cookies!  I’m excited.  This is going to be cute times.

Thanks for reading.  Until next week!


Note:  This cake was only available at the listed price between the time I posted it to the “Upcoming Projects” log and March 24.  Don’t forget to always check the side bar of this blog to see what I’ll be making next– the prices are listed beside each project title, and YOU could sponsor any one of those things for the listed price.  The next project listed expires on March 31– don’t forget to place an order if you want to sponsor that project!  I can take multiple orders most of the time.


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