Shirley Temples

This beautiful beverage is a non-alcoholic cocktail, named for the child actress, Shirley Temple.  It is a mixture of 7-up (or another lemon-lime soda) and cherry grenadine, garnished with maraschino cherries and in this case, a twist of orange.  They are also sometimes made with orange juice and ginger ale, but this time I’m going to make them the first way.
These are super delicious, not just because they taste good, but because they’re beautiful– and I don’t know about you, but I always find that a good presentation automatically benefits the impression of the taste.  🙂  Here’s how you make them!   

You will need:
 – Some tall glasses (I’ve used these pretty ones, but you can just use any large drinking glasses.  Clear glass is best.)
 – 7-Up or some other lemon lime soda
 – Cherry grenadine
 – 1 orange
 – Maraschino cherries
 – Little toothpick swords (you can use regular toothpicks in a pinch)
 – Miniature umbrellas, optional

The preparation for this is pretty quick and simple.  First, you’ll want to make sure your 7-Up is nice and cold.  Next, thinly slice the orange like so.  Try and get the pieces as thin as you can without tearing the pieces.

For the oranges, you can use a whole round piece or you can cut each slice in half.  If you’re doing halves, cut one slit through the flesh up to the rind on the half piece.  Twist the orange halves, then skewer them through the rind with a toothpick sword.  Then stick a couple of cherries on the sword beneath the rind, to hold it in place and for extra decor.

To make the drinks, you’ll want to use 1 to 1-1/2 Tbsp. cherry grenadine in your cup, and then fill ‘er up with 7-Up!  I’ve used 1 Tbsp. grenadine for these glasses, which hold about 8oz of liquid.  

Then stir it a couple of times, and add your garnishes.  The picture at the beginning of this post is using the orange twist– this one is using a whole slice of orange.  You can also put the garnishes in first, and then pour the 7-Up over top.  
(Note:  I don’t know if you can see it or not, but the fizziness of the 7-Up mixed with the orange oil in the orange had QUITE a fun time together when I added it– the fizzing!  It was crazy!  And kind of fun.  Perhaps you should try it. ;)) 

Another non-alcoholic cocktail, similar to this one, is the Roy Rogers; it’s made exactly the same way, but with Coke instead of lemon-lime soda. 

Enjoy!  Again, if you make this, feel free to send along any pictures or comments; I’d love to hear all about it.  🙂

Until next week!


REMINDER:  If you want to sponsor the project for this weekend, let me know soon so that I can have it ready for you.  My next project, due to be made this coming Saturday, is Sachertorte.  Send me an email if you’d like to taste it.  🙂



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