Cherpumple/Pie Cake/Pie Caken/…Cherpey? [Project]

Based on the title of this entry, I am going to guess you aren’t quite sure what this is all about.  Let me explain. 

A while ago, I was browsing around the inter-web when I came across a new trend in the land of baking.  It was a Pie Cake; basically, a pie baked inside of a cake!  My first thought was something like, “Wow that seems like a lot of unnecessary bother,” and then, well, I admit– I pretty much dismissed the Pie Cake from thought.

Recently, however, it came back to mind.  I was asked to make it for the blog!  Only this time, the request came to me for a “Pie Caken.”  I knew what it was, of course, but I didn’t know it had that name… interesting.  So, I googled it!  (What else?)

What came up was all kind of interesting facts.  All from the Google headlines, I learned things like, “1800 calories a slice!” and “World’s most unapologetic dessert.” 

 I wanted to make it.

I also discovered that this dessert goes by many names.  Among them, “Pie Caken,” “Pie Cake,” Cherpumple,” and now…. well, this one is with cherry pie.  So… Cherpey?  You tell me.  😉

Regardless, I accepted the request to make it!  My first step in making it happen was to look at recipes, read instructions, and get a feel for how this is supposed to come together.  Learn the tricks of the trade, so to speak.  After looking at a couple of things on Google, I noticed that this one video kept coming up, over and over.  It was an instructional video, or so I thought, on making the “Cherpumple” – Cherry, pumpkin, and apple pies baked into three cake layers.  I figured I’d better watch it (I wasn’t really finding any other good tips online).  Hehe…  I was not prepared for what I saw.  Would you like to see?  This *might* be my new favorite movie.  😉

Hehehe, this gets funnier the more I think about it.  Needless to say, however, I didn’t learn a whole lot from that either.  So, I decided to just figure it out on my own!

My first concern was that I would not be able to get the pies out of the tins very well.  I wanted to make my own pies, from scratch, and any pie crust recipes I had used before weren’t really what I thought would come out very easily, and they are also unsweetened.  I like to use unsweetened crusts for pies, but for this particular dessert, I thought I should probably try to use a sweetened one.  I didn’t know how the contrast between sweet cake and unsweetened crust would taste in one bite… and also, wanting to make sure the crust came out of the tin easily, I thought a sweetened pastry recipe might brown better, and thus hold together better when I turned it out.  So, I made (for the first time in my life) a butter based sweetened pastry dough.  It was super simple, and the pies were lovely.

Then, as far as I could tell, if you could get the pie out of the tin without breaking it, the rest would be pretty simple; bake it in cake batter.  So, I did!  The request I had was for 2 cherry pies baked inside of 2 vanilla cake layers.  So, that’s what I did.  The pies came out of the tins perfectly.

Putting it all together was simple, and turned out remarkably well.  I just put a bit of batter in the base of the pan, inverted the pies over that, covered it with more batter, and baked it.  The baking part took longer than I thought, but it seemed to work out pretty well. 

I also wasn’t sure how much structure the cake would have with pies inside, but it was actually perfect– and these particular layers ended up being nice and tall.  I trimmed the domes off of the cakes, got out my buttercream, and got ready to decorate.  

I frosted the cake using My Usual Method, and it turned out super well!  You wouldn’t even know there was anything other than regular-ol’-cake in there, would you? 

To decorate, I used a couple of sugar flowers I had previously made and some edible white glitter for the top of the cake.  Then I piped shells around the top and base, and finished it with happy birthday.

Boxed up and ready to go!  The cake was so huge!  I couldn’t even close the lid all the way.

And that’s it!  I asked Jen (the sponsor of this project) to send me a picture of the inside of the cake once it was cut… And here we are!

A big thank you to Jen for sponsoring this project, and thanks so much for the picture!  Also, Happy Birthday to Sydney, once again!  🙂

 Back next week!  Thanks for reading.



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