Cherry Pastries [Recipe]

So, here I was, going about my evening thinking, “I would like some tea… La de-da…”  When I realized,  “Noooo!!  It’s Tuesday, I was supposed to make Blueberry Scones, and I did not!  What to do??!”

So, I just got on here, changed the date of the Blueberry Scones recipe, and decided to make this a surprise post.  To both you and me.  😛  Hehe, no, now that I’m writing it, I know what I’m going to tell you.

See those pastries?  Well, once-upon-a-time, when I was not yet Sugar and Spice blogging, I blogged a wonderful and REALLY easy recipe.  Those pastries are it, and you can read that fabulous blog post, Here.

(EDIT: The link for this recipe now goes to a new post on THIS blog!  Yay!  I finally got it on here.)

Enjoy!  Back next week.



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