Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Some days are just magical.  And if they involve pumpkin spice lattes, Shabby Apple, and miniature pumpkins, well, they’re just extra magical.

Or, if they’re not like that at all… You can just use your imagination and dream that it was.


This is my pumpkin.  ISN’T IT ADORABLE?  Gah!  I was out at Fred’s Produce the other day, and it was $0.99.  I had to buy it… it was too cute not to buy.  Also, Fred’s gives out free coffee samples all the time (love that), so I got a free coffee and a $0.99 pumpkin.  It was like one of those deals in the McDonald’s drive thru– “Would you like a muffin with your coffee for $0.16?”  Only in this case, I asked myself:  “Would you like a $0.99 pumpkin with your free coffee?”  Why yes.  Yes I would.


Then, yesterday, I was sitting in Starbucks for a business meeting.  I had my cake book in front of me, and a tea latte in my hand.  It was delicious.  But for the sake of tying it into this pumpkin post, we’ll imagine that it was a pumpkin spice latte (which, by the way, I also love).

Picturesque.  Also delicious.

And then, finally, Shabby Apple.  I still haven’t gotten anything from them… but I love that website, and I often think that I might someday get up the courage to buy something for myself.  But I did see on their Facebook updates something about “Pumpkin spice and everything nice…”

Hence, this post.

For the sake of imagination and the joy that it brings, I’m going think that I got that little pumpkin as a present, that my latte was a pumpkin spice and that I was just at Starbucks wearing my new Shabby Apple dress for the sake of nothing but pure enjoyment.

…And when I think about the truth, and the actual fact that I bought that pumpkin, that I was working while I had that tea latte, and that I still haven’t gotten a Shabby Apple dress… Well, I’ll just laugh.  Because this post is so absurd, and so wonderful, I might as well.  Why not?

Thanks for stopping in, and for reading this rambling… Go get yourself a latte.  You deserve it.  😉

Back next week,



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