Pumpkin Cookies [Project]

Sometimes I go check out my “Upcoming Posts and Projects” section on this blog to remind myself what I’m supposed to be posting.  At one point, I was checking up on this week’s project, and I was like “What??  I’m making pumpkin cookies??!  That sounds amazing!”

…And then I remembered that these cookies don’t have pumpkin IN them… They have pumpkins ON them.  And they’re pretty, I know… But now I’m all inspired to make *real* pumpkin cookies.  I’ll let you know if I do.

In the meantime, here’s the week’s project!  I’m actually making these by request, since I made these for our annual harvest party last year, and they were a favorite of several attendees (my family isn’t really into Halloween, so we just have a big ol’ harvest celebration on Halloween night every year).

Here’s how I made them:

First, sugar cookies!  I just used a basic recipe, and then I added cinnamon.  Simplicious.  🙂

Then, royal icing!  I used the same technique that I did for my Easter Cookies earlier this year; if you want to learn how to do that, let me know.  I’d be happy to post a tutorial sometime… But today is not the time, since there is a big ol’ house to be cleaned, and a very small amount of time in which to clean it.

Anyway, I did three shapes.  Pumpkins inside a circle, pumpkins, and circles.  I used my pumpkin cookie cutter to make an imprint in the cookies while they were still warm on the big circles, and then I outlined all of the cookies, and the pumpkin outlines, before I flooded them with thinner royal icing.  

Once the basic filling was done, in green and orange, I piped ANOTHER outline over the pumpkins, to give them more definition, and I let them dry overnight.

When they were dry, as is my habit, I doodled on them with white icing for pretty accents.  That’s how I do.  🙂

I like.  You like?

I didn’t get a sponsor for this project, but I suspect (with 70+ guests coming tomorrow night) it won’t be too difficult to make sure they get eaten.  😉

Back next week!  With a recipe!  (Best recipe ever, by the way… Make sure to check back.)





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