The Old Town Sweet Shop, Windsor Ontario [Review]

I love cafes.  I especially love cute cafes, with lots of character and interesting things to look at.  So, when I find one, I tend to…
…FREAK OUT!  (With my hands flailing around in excitement)…
…And then I tell all of my friends, and go there as often as I can find an excuse to do so.
The Old Town Sweet Shop in Windsor, Ontario is exactly the kind of place I like to rave about.  I went in there the other day and asked the owner if she would mind having me come in just before they opened, to snap a few pictures and review the cafe on my blog.  They had just decorated for Christmas, so the already plentiful charm of this place is heightened to by the rich warmth of Christmas decor.  I– love– it.  Seriously.  So cute.
Care to see the inside?  

I love the furniture of this place – Not only does it have a fireplace, it’s decorated with a variety of vintage furnishings (all different, including an old church pew) and old fashioned paintings on its brick walls. 
The cafe offers a variety of beverages (this menu is one of many), food items, and desserts.  I didn’t get dessert this time, but instead got my favorite cafe drink – A Caramel Macchiato.  It was delicious.

Caramel Macchiato

Cafe Latte
Sitting in the middle of the cafe, your view is the streets of Walkerville through two walls of windows.  I love this!  It was raining when I was in there, which is just… lovely.  I love sipping something hot and pretty whilst watching rain outside. 

I don’t know what you look for in a good cafe, but to me, the two most important things are atmosphere and service – Both of which this cafe does very well, in addition to great drinks and reasonable prices. 
All in all, I would highly recommend paying this cafe a visit.  It’s well worth the experience.

I’ll be back, blogging recipes etc. again soon.  Thanks for stopping in!




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