Holiday Art at the Gibson Gallery

Every once in a while you stumble across something great that not-too-many people know about, so, you feel obligated to share the news.
Have you been the the Gibson Gallery in Amherstburg?

And more importantly, have you  been there in the last couple of weeks?  This old train station has been converted into an art museum of sorts, and during the holidays (that would be now), they run an event featuring local artists and crafters’ work.  It’s a great opportunity to support local artists and small businesses.  It’s completely adorable, and everything I got a chance to look at is quality, quality work– There is so much talent in this city!

I found out about this event because my family’s Chocolate Business is participating as local vendors– so yes, you can buy Homemade Fudge, Chocolate Christmas Trees, and Chocolate Peanut Brittle there.  You– Can. 

I was in there this past Sunday and I had to take some pictures, to share with you– Care to take a look?  
Handmade wooden coasters and thumb tacks
Gorgeous hand painted ornaments and these little angels, made from antique silver wear and tea cups
Beeeeeeeuuuuuuutiful painting and some handmade jewelry.  I want that painting.  If you go, make sure to take a look at it… This picture doesn’t nearly do it justice.
Homemade dolls (LOVE!) and tea cup angel Christmas ornaments
I love those dolls!
Homemade organic dog treats and handmade teddy bears, made from old fur coats. 

The event is only running for three weekends– Last weekend, this weekend, and next weekend (December 7,8,& 9).

There is SO much to see in there… And the feel of the place is… Well, I would call it, “Relaxed, Christmasy, and just all around lovely.” 

Definitely make a point of going out if you can; I’m planning to take a friend and do some Christmas shopping.  It’s gonna be a good time.
And now… I need to go to bed.  Turns out, blogging is not the best way to get over a cold.  😛   
Thanks for reading!  Back soon.



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