Holiday Chocolates [+FREE GIVEAWAY!]

Perhaps you’re wondering what these “Chocolate Christmas Trees” are that I keep mentioning.  Well, I’ll tell you.

These trees are made with a medley of captain crunch, rice crispies, marshmallows and pretzels– all mixed together with chocolate and peanut butter.  They are the ultimate crunchy, salty-sweet, chocolate peanut butter experience.  
The trees are my dad’s idea, actually– I’ve mentioned before, but I’ll mention again, that my family owns a Chocolate Business, and these trees are a part of our yearly Christmas push.  We have been used to selling our products in local craft shows and events, and though we’ve had a website for years, we‘ve never particularly focused in on online sales.  
Until now… Riiiiight on the brink of Christmas.  😛  Keep reading, and I’ll show you how to order… Or how you can win one, for free.
The trees are popular hostess gifts, or Christmas table centerpieces– bring them to a family gathering, or set it in the middle of the table and let people chip away… Seriously, so good.  And it’s a bit of a project too, so anyone who’s a little OCD would have a fun time working away at it.  😉

Yup, they’re totally edible.
Now… you want to know what that word GIVEAWAY means at the top of this post…  
WE’RE GIVING 4 AWAY TREES THIS YEAR!  Why?  Well, because we want to make sure that they ship well, so it’s a bit of an experiment.  Care to help us out?
**EDIT:  This contest is now closed.  Thanks to all who entered!
Here’s how you can enter: 

You can enter ONCE via each of these methods, with a total number of entries at
4 per person at the most.  Your name will not be entered more than 4 times, so leaving more than one comment, etc… well, it won’t do much good. 

Here are the ways you can enter: 

1) – Leave a comment on the picture of this tree on Facebook.  You can find it on my Sugar and Spice Page, under the album titled, “Contests.”  I love all comments in all places, but it if is not under the picture on my page, it will not count.  So make sure it’s in the right place!
2) – “Share” the picture on Facebook FROM the Sugar and Spice page.  Make sure you share it under the setting “Public,” or I won’t see it, and your entry won’t count! 
3) – Re-blog this contest!  Share your excitement with friends, and comment on here with the link to your post!  (Your post must contain a link to this contest to count.)
4) – Repin the picture from my Pinterest account!  Note:  Make sure it’s directly from my account, or again, I will not see it, and your pin will not count.
I will draw the winner using, and post the winner on this blog on Friday, December 7, 2012

If the prize is not claimed within 24 hours of the announcement, I will draw for a new winner. 


Oh, and guess what?  We have WREATHS, too!  You can order these trees (and wreaths) online at

Thank you so much for your interest, your support, and your feedback.  We appreciate you guys!  
Bye for now,


  1. Unfortunately, I cannot extend the contest beyond the parameters set above this time. Sorry about that! If you like, you could create an account with any of those sites for the purpose of entering… I know that's a bit of bother though, so I would understand if you don't want to do that.

    Thanks for your interest, though!


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