Holiday Mashed Potatoes

Today I’m going to post about…. Dun-na…  Are you ready?  (I’m not going to ask if you can guess, because I think it’s pretty obvious.)


Yes.  B-) 

I love mashed potatoes.  I always have!  And today I’m going to share with you two things:

First, something you probably already know, and that is how to make them.  And if you don’t already know, you will soon.  Just keep reading.

And second, how to make ’em look purty.  Potatoes?  Pretty?  I know… Doesn’t seem possible.  And maybe it’s not, and I just think it is.  But even if that is true, I’m going to share my delusions with you anyway because… Well, my mom always makes them like this for the holidays, and I (loving mashed potatoes as I do), have always thought they were uber special looking.  So here goes.

TO START!  You’re going to need…

1 medium potato per person (it depends on how many people you want to serve)

Note:  All together, for the following amount, I used about 6 medium potatoes, 2/3-3/4 c. milk, 3 Tbsp. butter, 2 tsp. salt, a couple dashes of pepper, and a sprinkling of paprika).

Start by washing and peeling the potatoes.  Easy peasy.


Next, rinse the potatoes, chop them into 1/2″(ish) cubes, and put ’em all in a pot with a bit of salt and enough water to nearly or just cover the potato pieces. (I added some water to the pot after taking these pictures… You definitely need more than that.)


Bring the water to a boil over medium heat, and then tip the lid to prevent them boiling over while they cook.  Cook for at least 10 minutes, or until a knife slides into the potato pieces easily and they are cooked through.  Strain the potatoes.
Next, using an electric mixer, season the potatoes with salt and pepper, and a bit of butter.  Add milk, a little at a time (about 1/4 c. at a time is usually good), mixing all the while until the potatoes are fluffy and smooth.  
Tip:  Make sure you add enough salt!  The key to awesome mashed potatoes is using enough salt… So yeah.  Don’t overdo it, but make sure to taste them before serving to see if you need to add a little. 
And now, the pretty part.  Spoon the potatoes into a serving bowl, and make some indendations in the top by smoothing it with the back of a spoon.  Set a few pats of butter into the center, cover to keep the heat in, and let them melt.  Sprinkle with paprika and serve hot.

Yup… That’s how I like it!  Each spoonful ends up getting a drizzle of warm butter.  So, so good.

Back soon!  Thanks for stopping in.

P.S.  Mashed potatoes are one of my *many* weaknesses when it comes to food… What are some of yours?



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