Gingerbread (Part 2/3)

Today I’m going to show you how to maaaaake– dunna!  These wreath cookies!  (I know, I always start my posts something like that… But it always feels so anticlimactic to just out and say what I’m posting without some kind of drama.  So there you go.)
I have been wanting to make these cookies for what feels like years, since the time I thought up the idea of doing them this way… But I guess it took starting a blog for me to actually get to it, so here I am.  Finally.  😀
To start off, you’re going to need to make some Gingerbread and follow the steps outlined for making the wreath shapes in that post. 
Next, you’ll need to make some Royal Icing.  And, of course, tint it to the colors of your choice!  I’m using two predictably perfect colors, which you’ll never guess because you won’t have to.  😉  
For 12 cookies, I used about 1-1/2 cups of tinted green icing, and about 1/4 cup of tinted red icing.
Tip:  When working with royal icing, you want to squeeze a bit of it out of the piping tip so that it drys outside the tip rather than inside– Whatever is exposed to the air will dry completely hard, and quickly.  So, squeeze a little icing out, and when you want to use it, break the icing off the end and begin piping!  If you don’t do this, the icing will dry firmly inside, and you won’t be able to pipe it out.

Spoon the icing into piping bags fitted with tips and couplers.  I’m using a #67 leaf tip and a #3 round tip.
To decorate the cookies, using a leaf tip, pipe a circle of leaves facing the center of the wreath around the edge of the cookie.  

Next, pipe several rows of leaves facing the opposite direction around the center circle until the entire area of the wreath is covered in green leaves.

Next, pipe some red berries on top, and allow the cookies to dry.

You can also make bows, decorate with sprinkles, or whatever you want… Be creative!

Easy peasy. 

Back soon with a “How to make a gingerbread garland” tutorial… So be sure to check back for that!

In the meantime, I remain…  

–Myself  (Naomi)




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