Coming Soon… How to Make Fondant Ruffles for Cakes!

I have a feeling nobody reads my “Upcoming Posts and Projects” section on here.  Am I right?

If not, well, I’m sorry if you’ve been waiting for the “How to Make Fondant Ruffles for Cakes” post.  Because if you had been reading that section, you would have known it was supposed to happen today, and I can tell you right now– it’s not.  Today is a “I splashed chicken broth all over my computer” kind of day.  So no fondant ruffles now; I have bigger problems.  😉


I will be posting the tutorial soon, in the next couple of days.  So chin up, my friend!  Tomorrow is a new day!

These pictures are of a cake that I made last summer for a friend’s baby shower, using the ruffles I’m going to teach you to make.  Cute, yes?


Back soon!

EDIT:  This tutorial is up!  Check it out.


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