Paper Cake Centerpiece [Tutorial]

Cute, no?

My sister is getting married this summer, and in the midst of planning a wedding, browsing Pinterest, and trying to be creative… Well, things like this pop into my head.

This idea was inspired by a couple of things:  First, it’s cake!  For my parents’ wedding reception, a bunch of ladies from their community brought cakes, and those were their table centerpieces!  I always thought that was such a great idea… And well, since I’m a cake decorator, I guess that made it appeal as well.

Then, second, I think this was also inspired by all of the beautiful country/chic/vintage/woodsy stuff going on in the wedding world right now… I love that style.  And DIY projects are always a good time, right?

Anyway, I think these are great.  Easy, cheap, and super cute.  You could use them for a shower, wedding, or… Whatever you feel like.  (Mine is sitting on my bed in my room right now.)  😉

Here’s how to make it!

You will need:
1-2 6″x3″ round cake dummies (I used 1)
1 10″x3″ round cake dummy
Patterned scrapbook paper, in the color(s) of our choice
Button thumb tacks
12 battery operated tea lights*
12-16 glass candle holders
Silk flowers (arranged in a 6″-8″ diameter swag– I just bunched and tie twisted a bunch together from Michael’s to make my own)
String or raffia
Sticky tack or hot glue

*Note:  I did not use battery operated lights.  I used real ones.  And well, I’d have to say, um, well…


Haha, don’t worry– I didn’t have a fire.  But I learned, it wouldn’t be hard, using real candles for this, to make that happen.  So, dollar store here we come!  Battery operated lights are safe, pretty, and fully capable of filling the purpose of this project.  So do me a favor and use those, okay?  Okay.

For the candle holders, I used little glass mugs that I got at the dollar store, just big enough to hold the (battery operated *wink*) candles.  I also got the thumb tacks at the dollar store.  If you want to make your own, you can just get some flat-topped thumb tacks and hot glue them to old buttons.  That should do the trick! 

To get started, you need to make sure your top tier is going to be elevated from the bottom tier enough.  I used a few extra candle holders to do that, but it probably would have been better just to use a second layer of foam underneath (they ended up being the same height).  If you are going to use a second layer underneath, however, I would either paint it or wrap it in decorative paper as well, separately from the “Cake” part.

Next, cut the paper in halves, and wrap the strips of paper around the 6″ and 10″ dummies, gluing and tacking them into place with buttons.

Now cut a couple of lengths of string or raffia, and tie it around the middle of each tier for added decor.

When the tiers are done (and feel free to be more elaborate if you want), place the candles around the edge of the 10″ tier of the cake (mine fit 12 exactly), and set the top tier in place with tack or glue to keep it secure.

And finally, flowers!  *plop*  Dun-na! 

Then set it on a cake stand, turn off the lights, and cue the magic…

 It’s like a fairy tale.  I love it!

And yeah, looking at that photo… I just have to say, again, please don’t use real candles for this.  I could never live with the guilt if your house burned down. 

And that’s all!  Except for this smaller version…

Thanks for reading!  I’d love to hear your comments.


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