The Joy of Pączki


Few things are quite equal to the joy of eating a good donut. Unless it’s a REALLY good doughnut.  Like, a pączki kind of doughnut.

Ever since my family first got wind of this Polish Tradition, we’ve jumped in with two feet every year.  In fact, it seems like the whole area surrounding us has… There is a fairly large Polish community in this city, and every year on Fat Tuesday, there are stacks of pączkis in the windows of many a bakery, and lines of people, sometimes nearly out to the street, waiting to get inside and pick up these special doughnuts.

It might as well be called National Doughnut Day.  Whoever thought of this was a genius. Period, exclamation point.


My mom and a few sisters and I drove out to Leamington today to get ours from our favorite pączki-serving paradise, Lakeside Bakery.  It’s about an hour away for us to drive there, but WELL worth it.  These are the best doughnuts you’ll ever eat! 

If you want to read more about pączkis, I wrote a bit about them on here last year.  And I still want to make them myself sometime.  Need to write that down to remember next year…

(Below: Top left:  My sister Leah with her coffee and pączki, Bottom right:  Moi, also with coffee.  My pączki didn’t last long enough to make it into the picture.  Plus, it’s awkward holding an over-stuffed doughnut, coffee, and iPod all at the same time, whilst trying to take a picture of yourself.  If you’ve ever tried this, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.)

So, highlight of the day:  Coffee and DELECTABLE doughnuts, enjoyed in excusable(ish) excess with people I love.  Best tradition ever. 

How many pączkis did YOU eat today?

Back soon!



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