Picturesque Life

I love picturesque life.  I love things whimsical, vintage, girly, dainty, etc… I often imagine myself in some sort of “picture,” whether it be twirling around in an open field somewhere or sipping tea in a coffee shop.  Hehe, it’s a bit silly, I know…  But it’s pictures like those that excite my imagination.  
I love vibrant life; and so often, I find, its brilliance lies not in my circumstances, but rather, in the way I choose to look at them.  It’s too easy to overlook little moments that could be enjoyed.  But I’m trying not to do that.  I want to soak it up.  Live it.  Love it.  Share it.  I want to learn to live in the picture of the moment.
I’m really not sure why I’m writing all of this; I suppose my melancholy mind has been dreaming again today.  Red rubber boots and Winnie the Pooh seem to have that affect on me.  
What are some of your favorite things?   
Photo Credit:  Perspectives Photography

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