Occasionally I get these bursts of excitement.

Like when I made myself a Facebook Page for Sugar and Spice a while ago, and I was like “This is real.  I–Am a blogger.”

And then when I joined Twitter *coughcoughrecentlycoughcough*, and I was all “Yup.  I’m totally legit.  I’m on Twitter.  B-)”

Also when I joined Pinterest *andIdidn’tcareatfirstcoughcough*, but then I was all, “Follow me on Pinterest, peeps.  I have awesome pins.”

And now, dead tired, eyes glazed over but also somewhat crazy because I’m excited…

…I’m on Bloglovin’!

And I’m all, “I’m totally going to be famous.  I feel really cool right now.”


Thanks for reading.  You guys are awesome.  Also *Iloveyourcommentscoughcoughcoughcoughcough*

And don’t worry, I’m not sick, just tired.  Back soon!



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