I know, I know… An en flambeaux cupcake is exactly what you were hoping I’d post about today…

…B-b-b-but …ISN’T THAT COOL??!

*happy shrug*

I luuuuurve it.  🙂

Sparklers, me, and a camera = A good time.  Even if my kitchen smelled like it was about to bust into flames afterwards.

This post is dedicated to all of my friends and family on Facebook, most of whom I never wish a happy birthday [on Facebook].  The reason for that being that, if I do one, I have to do them all… So as a general rule, I don’t… and then sometimes I do… Which leads to a guilty conscience, until I put up posts like this one to ease the frazzliness a little. 

Happy birthday to one and all.  Back next week!




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