I Love Blue China… And Beautiful Photos.

I often think that I could easily keep 20 blogs and always have new content for all of them.


…Is not practical.  Especially not for a scatterbrained young entrepreneur like me.  I already have enough trouble keeping up with the tasks of the day.  😛

However, despite my inability to keep up 20 blogs, I did start ONE more blog, for my photography.  I wanted to be able to share my pictures with someone other than my computer… Someone hopefully a little more appreciative.  Someone like, well, let’s just say for instance… YOU!  Yes,  you perhaps.  😀  The new blog is called, “China Blue,” which I think is just a lovely way of saying pretty words, which remind one of pretty things. 

Would you care to take a look? (<– Click to check it out!)

Thanks for stopping in!  Happy Wednesday,



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