It’s Tuesday.  And while I was thinking, “Thomson Tuesdays” could be the name for this cartoon, I dunno.  Lacks a little pizzaz.  😉

What do you think?  Maybe it should be something that doesn’t start with “T” in front of Tuesday… Like… Bungee Tuesdays.


Not sure about that.

At any rate, here I am.  The first two cartoons being me, in my mind… And the second being me in action.  In my mind my life is a lot more…. Illustriously flowery.

Maybe that should be the name of this cartoon:  Illustrious Flowery Tuesdays. 😛  Or just drop the Tuesday and call it Illustrious Floweriness.

Anybody have any better ideas??  (Pretty postive you do).

Back Thursday! 


P.S.  Sometimes I get more than 0 comments that aren’t spam.  And I love them.  So…. Yeah.  Keep that in mind.  😉


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