The Ultimate Groom’s Cake

This cake was the idea of one of my clients, who wanted to surprise her groom with this fantastic, whimsical, and all-around crazy groom’s cake.  She pulled out a sketch that she’d created with the disclaimer, “I’m not much of an artist… And I don’t know if this is possible… But maybe you could look at it and tell me what you think?”

I had to laugh.  So fantastic!  The drawing on the left is hers, and the one on the right is my revision for the final design… Talk about amazing!  And so fun.  I told Lauren (the bride) right up front, “This is going to have to go on my blog.”  I mean really, it’s not every day that I get to make cakes including Mario, Batman, Green Lantern, Hockey, Video Games, Beer, Star Wars, and just general whimsy-ness.

This cake was a blast to make!  I love working with creative minds, making cool ideas become a reality – And an edible one at that!

Oh, and for those wondering… They did have a fancy wedding cake, too.  😉  Here it is…

What a fun wedding!  Thanks Lauren for letting me be a part of it… It was truly a pleasure.

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Thanks for stopping in!  Back soon.



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