Striped Paper Straws [Giveaway]

When you really get into food blogging, you start to observe…

Everybody seems to have these beautiful, picturesque straws that they use in all of their beverage posts.  
Don’t you think?
I have been noticing for a while, and I looooove how they look- Super cute and old fashioned.  I wanted to get some.  So, I did; and now, I’d like to give some to you, since I really don’t need all of these.  I am only one person, after all.

Today I’m giving away 2 bundles of 12 straws – 6 of each color, blue and red, to two of my wonderful readers (you).  🙂  Here’s how to enter:

Comment!  And then go get your friends to enter themselves, and vote for you – The more times your name appears (limit 1x per comment), the more times your name will be entered.  So make sure to get your friends entering!

Please make sure to leave your name in your comment so that I can enter you in the draw.  One comment per person.  Anonymous comments will not be entered.  I will draw the winners at random, and announce them on the blog on Tuesday, July 30.  Winners can claim their prize by emailing me after their name has been posted – If you do not claim your prize within 24 hours of the announcement, a new winner will be drawn.
I hope you win!!
P.S.  Stay tuned for this recipe next week – Raspberry Limeade!

***EDIT:  This contest is now closed.


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