Raspberry Limeade [Recipe]

Are you ready for something delicious?  And refreshing?  And easy?

In this hot weather, I sure am!  This is such a great recipe to whip up for yourself quickly on a hot day, or to mix up in a larger batch for a crowd.  The mason jar method is a quick way to make a small amount, but stirring in a large pitcher for more servings will do the same thing, it just might take a couple minutes longer.

Tip:  Buy your raspberries on sale ahead of time, and freeze them with This Tutorial to be ready for use all summer long!

Here’s how it’s done!  🙂

Raspberry Limeade
Serves 1

1 c. water
2 Tbsp. sugar
1/4 c. lime juice (1 to 1-1/2 limes)
Handful fresh or frozen raspberries

In the bottom of a 1-pint mason jar, measure out your sugar.  Add the lime juice and water.

Tip:  Use freshly squeezed lime juice for a much fresher taste!

Put the lid on the mason jar, and shake it like the dickens!  Just until the sugar is dissolved.

Next, remove the lid, and throw in a handful of fresh or frozen raspberries.  I like mine frozen, personally.  🙂  Shake it up a few more times.

Add some ice, garnish with a slice of lime, and there you go!

M-mm.  The perfect treat on a hot summer day.
Happy Thursday!  Back soon.

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