Dance, Art, Weddings, and Austria

Okay, so despite my most hopeful dreams, updating with a new recipe this week hasn’t really been an option.  I ran out of time like the dickens!  And here, I will tell you, is why:
Last week I had the opportunity, for the third year in a row, to volunteer at the Soli Deo Gloria Ballet annual Dance and Arts Camp, which is hosted in the Niagara area every year for aspiring dancers, musicians, and other artists who long to use their gifts to glorify God who gives them.  The range of different arts forms explored by the students has been everything from dance, to music, to painting, to sculpting, to sewing, to cake decorating, to photography, to flag twirling, to praise, to stop-motion film making, to… Probably more than that, I just can’t think of it all.  It’s pretty great. 
In past years, I have gone to teach workshops to the students on the art of cake decorating, which as you may know, has been probably my greatest creative outlet for the last 5 years or so.  🙂  It has been fun.  
This year, however, knowing that I’ve been into photography a bit, Rachel (the director of the camp, who also happens to be my sister) offered to have me come and share a bit of what I’ve learned in that direction with the kids, rather than doing cakes again.  It was a pretty good time.  🙂  I have also gone there to cook for the week with my mom (who, coincidentally, is probably one of the greatest reasons I’m able to write this blog at all – So yeah, that’s what you call awesome!).  
Here are some pictures I took during the week, pretty much all of students dancing… 😀

Anyway, yeah, I’ve been busy.  Then two weeks before that, my sister got married, and I made this cake:

(And here I am, cutting it… Which believe it or not, took a lot less time than making it…)

And now, I am preparing for a week of hosting about 20 cousins at my house, and then I go to Austria for 2 weeks.  So… Yeah, blogging is hard to make happen in the midst of that.

However, to make up for the sketchiness of how often (or the lack thereof) I will be able to update this blog over the next little while, I will leave you with some amazingness to check out.

While I was at camp, I had the privilege of hearing artist Josh Tiessen share a bit about his life and work, talk with him a bit, and see some of his amazing paintings. Josh is an 18-year-old prodigy from Stoney Creek, Ontario.  Definitely check out This Website to see some of his amazing artwork!  

Also at camp, I had the great opportunity to meet, listen to, and talk with Liberty Barret, whose passion for God and heart for people is just wonderful.  🙂  Liberty has a ministry based in Boise, Idaho for kids who are transitioning out of foster care.  You can read more about Liberty’s work on her website, JEM Friends.

Definitely make a point of checking out these sites, and stay tuned for some beautiful pictures of Austria!  I haven’t taken them yet, but I know Austria is beautiful; so yeah, that’s gonna happen.  🙂

Though extremely busy, these few weeks past have been incredible.  I’ve met so many great people, and through it all, I’ve been reminded (again and again) that I am loved by my Creator.  What a beautiful thing.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Back soon,


P.S.  If you are interested in participating in SDG’s Dance and Arts Camp next year, either as a student or a workshop teacher, you can contact either Rachel or Carolyn through their website,


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