A Question for You

Dear Blog [Readers],

If you are wondering what that gorgeous picture is, it’s pickles.  Homemade refrigerator pickles, which my sister made, and I’m wondering if you would like me to teach you how to make them as well.  Thoughts?
Also, I have to apologize in advance – I am not going to have time to update for a couple of weeks; life is taking me to Austria, and I will be basking in the glory of leaving my computer behind me for a time.  But don’t worry, I will think of you.  And I will take pictures!  
While I’m away, however, maybe you wouldn’t mind telling me… What would you like to learn how to make when I come back?  I have all kinds of ideas, but I’d love to hear what you think.  You are, after all, the reason I do this.  🙂
Think about it… And let me know in the comments.
Cheers!  Back in two(ish) weeks!!
**EDIT:  This recipe is now on the blog!  Click HERE to check it out!  


  1. Don't worry guys, believe it or not, we have computers (even Macs 😉 ) in Austria too, oh oh and that new thing … which they call … eehmm … Internet or something. 😉
    That said, I'm totally looking forward having you guys here in Austria and having a great time together like we had at the wedding.

    And to your question: Maybe you should try to get some specialities from the Austrian cuisine like “Kaiserschmarrn” or “Kärntner Reindling” and teach your readers how to make that. I bet they'll like it.

    Bye, and see you next week! Oh and have a nice trip!


  2. Hey, good idea! Maybe I'll get the new Mrs. Graf to teach me a thing or two (I know she learned some new recipes when she was over there).

    Thanks for your comment! We're looking forward to being there.



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