Austria [Part 1]

On August 26, I had the privilege of going with my newly wed sister and her husband and 2 of my other sisters to Austria, to celebrate their marriage with all of the groom’s family, since some of them weren’t able to travel to Canada for the wedding.  It was a wonderful time.  We got to be there for almost 2 full weeks, and I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite moment from the whole trip… There were just too many good ones!

In a word, I might describe Austria as charming.  It is beautiful, but not just that… the atmosphere is delightful.  Perhaps much of this had to do with the people we were visiting (I suspect so), but regardless, this was my experience.

I was so blessed to be able to go.  It almost felt like a dream at times, and now that I’m home to life as usual, I sometimes wonder if it was.  In keeping with the tone of this post so far, I found myself fairly reflective and melancholy for most of this trip.  At times, it was a little bit depressing… Getting stuck inside my own head can be that way sometimes.  But mostly, it was really good.  I learned a lot about myself on this trip, and the more I ponder it, the more I continue to learn.

One thing I was thinking about on this trip, just as a random (very random) note of coolness, was how people make time for the things that are important to them.  I was thinking about how we make time to do things that are important to us, spend time with people who are important to us, etc.  If it matters enough to us, it doesn’t matter how busy we are:  We make time.  And then I realized… The Lord is always with me.  God is always near me.  He always has time for me.  In other words, every second of my life is time that He makes available to think of me, walk with me, talk with me, listen to me, care for me, love me.  My life’s entire span, beginning to end, is the time that He sets aside for me.  I am important enough that He makes every second available to be with me.  

Isn’t that amazing???

I thought so.  🙂

Here are some photos from the trip!

More pictures to come later!  I was only going to post scenery photos today, but that one of my sister Becky… could not be left out.  😀

Back soon!


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