Blog Changes

Dear Blog Readers,

I am alive.  Rest assured.  I am not dead.
I keep posting on Twitter/Facebook that I will be updating soon – and I have every intention of doing so, believe me.  My motives are pure.  Gold.  Solid.  Fabulous.  And also wishful.  😀
Anyway, I know that isn’t much to inspire hope of new content soon… Nor are my excuses, of which I have many.  Good ones even.  Really good ones.
But I won’t bore you with that.  Instead, I’ll wish you all happy waiting… as I work on various changes that I want to take place on this blog, and as I work out all of the kinks that they involve.  There are many.
So look for random notes of “I’m alive and still baking,” and then eventually… Look for the “Hallelujah, I’m BACK with FOOD!” and then I should be back to blogging as usual.  On a schedule.  Where you can look for a new post, and it will be there.
Doesn’t that sound beautiful?  🙂
…Yeah.  With that, I bid you farewell.  For now.  I will be greeting you again soon, no doubt with JOY in my punctuation!!
Happy kitchening, and I’ll see you all next when I see you all next!

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