Twix and Tea

Do you ever find that when you go to type certain words, they always end up coming out wrong?  Example:  Twix.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve typed “Twixt” today.  It just happens, and it’s like I can’t stop it.


Oh well.  If you find any “Twixts” in this post, you can pretend I did it on purpose to be funny (in which case, feel free to laugh at my wit), or you can pretend that you didn’t notice.  Either way is just fine.

Now.  What’s this all about Twix and tea, you might wonder??

Well!  Have I got a treat for you!

I learned this trick from some good friends of ours, and it’s a spin off of the Canadian “Tim Tam Slam” tradition.  The difference is the Tim Tam. In this version, they’re out.  You use Twix instead!  🙂

Some of you are like me and you have no idea what I’m talking about.  Prepare to be enlightened!!  😀

Tim Tams are super good, but a little more messy… Traditionally, you would bite the corners off of the cookie and drink tea through it like a straw.  The hot liquid then goes into the cookie and melts the chocolate filling… At which point you pop it into you mouth, before it falls apart.  De-licious.

Twix makes for a slightly less messy experience, but equally as delightful.  Twix has a caramel and cookie center, so typically the tea rushes up through the cookie part, melting the caramel as it goes.  Mm-HM!

My sister Leah helped me by sacrificing her health to demonstrate for these pictures.  😉  (Except that I think a good dose of happy is vital to anyone’s health, so it can’t have been that bad for her.)

Regardless, here’s how it’s done!

Bite the ends off of the Twix bar, like so.  

Next, grab some tea.  Good, hot tea.  Your favorite kind.  🙂

Then, use it like a straw…

…Just until you feel the warm tea reach your mouth.  Then stop sucking and eat it.  (Oh joy!)

You don’t want to suck too much tea through, or else the thing will fall apart.

Please note:  You will get melted chocolate on your fingers during this experience.  And also, hot tea is HOT.  Be careful.  🙂




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