Copper Cookie Cutters [Contest and Giveaway!]


Once upon a shopping day, I was walking through the store, and then–
–These beautiful copper cookie cutters (basically) jumped into my hands!
Then… Out if nowhere… it was like there was music in the air.  Some kind of song that probably went like this:
“Love, love love love love loooooove…  You know you loooove these…”
Mesmerized by their cuteness, I carried them with me to the checkout line.  


Where, it just so happens, I bought them.  With my debit card.

And then, after I put the debit card back, I thought, “Oh my!  I bought way too many of these!”  (There were more than you see here…)

…So I decided to give two away on my blog.  🙂


Here’s how to enter:

Leave a comment on this entry with your favorite post on this blog so far.  And if you’re new, no worries:  This can be your favorite.  🙂

Oh, and if you want a second entry… You can comment again on the cookie picture on Facebook.

One comment per person, per site.  Anonymous entries will not be counted.

**This contest is now CLOSED.


This contest ends November 19, 2013.  
I hope you win!


  1. Well, I wouldn't comment since I am in the family…. but these are just so darned cute! I don't know if I have a favorite post per say, but I do have a prominent one in my memory. I always think of your blueberry scones and the beautiful pictures of them when I think of your blog. Not to mention how AMAZING they were to eat. Everyone go look them up and make them. Right now. 🙂


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