Busy Days

I… Have been busy.  Which is the most lame excuse ever, I know, for not keeping up with my blog…  I’ve been telling you guys every time I post that I’m going to be back soon with something new, and then… weeks later… I write about my favourite chocolate bar.


Yet, here I am, making this excuse again because I feel the need to tell you, for the sake of conscience, why I am not writing so often as I would like.

Blogging is a funny thing.  You get to the point where you imagine you have a world of readers, all waiting by their computers with baited breath every time you are supposed to have a new update… waiting… waiting… waiting.  You imagine this because when you write, you feel like you have to have someone to write to.  And when you know that people look at your blog, you begin to imagine that there are MANY people who are all desperate to hear from you on a regular basis.  Even when you don’t really get very many comments… Which does make one question whether or not their imaginary fan base is actually real or not.  Comments are usually the result of readers…

Anyway, I have been getting myself into this zone of feeling like I’m disappointing the world by not getting everything done, which believe it or not, has spilled beyond just my blogging into my regular activities… And not wanting to keep operating under that pressure, I thought I’d tell my imaginary readership that I have not forgotten you… And when I finally get at least a few of the big pressures checked off my list, I will be back to blogging with all of the energy I can muster.  That is the plan, anyway.  I miss keeping this friend of mine up-to-date.  I love sharing my kitchen adventures with you.

All of that said… Here are a few pictures of one of my latest projects (the one that kept me too busy to blog this week), and then… I bid you farewell.

Bye for now, dear blog.  I will be back as soon as I can.




  1. I feel your pain with trying to fit everything in with life…and then to blog about it!

    Anyways, just wanted to say hi & not to feel too much pressure with the blogging. People will be there and new ones will always come (the joys of Pinterest!) 🙂


  2. Naomi…I just found your blog via Pinterest…someone had posted your 'easy chocolate truffles' recipe. I just want to encourage you and maybe remind you…I've just spent about five minutes looking at your blog…checked out the chocolate truffle recipe (pinned it…it meets my sweets-but-made-with-good-wholesome-ingredients criteria…and it looks doable)…then, as I always do when I find a blog that looks worth the time (which I have to say, most of them do…there are A LOT of amazing, creative people out there doing beautiful work) I clicked 'Home' to find out a little more…and I will now 'bookmark' your blog. Here's why…it is beautiful…it is full of good things…I want to remember it…for inspiration (sometimes I find ideas…sometimes I am just encouraged by pretty things and people who aspire to excellence)…I am thinking, though, although it may be discouraging that people don't post a comment…you are really doing this because it is an extension of who YOU are…and something you enjoy doing for YOU…that is a wonderful thing. Try not to be too discouraged by a lack of feedback…you are talented, creative, competent, inspiring, encouraging, probably an over-achiever and perfectionist…and I've just learned that from five minutes on your blog…just continue to be you…do the best you can…don't give up…and if you continue sharing with others, that's great…but it's okay to do this blog just for you…it's beautiful and it is a reflection of a beautiful girl 🙂


  3. I agree with smidgeline … do it for YOU. I kept a blog for almost a year with only a handful of comments in total, and sometimes it did feel lonely. But, the writing (which I love) and the sharing (which I love) kept me going. I have since moved on, but not because of numbers. If it's right for you and fulfilling for you, do it.

    One of the best reasons I can think for you to continue is for your witness for Christ. That is a wonderful, purposeful reason if nothing else!

    I don't comment often on the blogs I read. Some have SO MANY comments it feels like wasted time, anyway. Does anyone really read 197 comments on one posting? 😀



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