Another Preview – I’m Still Blogging!

**EDIT:  This recipe is now on the blog!  Click Here to check it out!

Did I ever tell you I was in Europe?  Well I am, and loving every minute.  🙂  I’m not trying too hard to keep a blog up during this time *likeatallcoughcough,* mostly because I want to be where I am as fully as possible without distraction. Sometimes, for me, thinking about other things can take away from the present experience; so, I’m trying to unplug from this stuff as much as possible while I am here.

In the meantime however, I thought I’d leave you all with a picture of one of the posts I have been working on for when I come back: peanut butter balls!

Oh, and uh – if you ask *really* nicely, maybe I’ll also post some of my Europe pictures on here as well. In the meantime, however (if you’re really curious), you can see a few pictures and read about what I’ve been doing a bit Here.

Thanks for following! You guys make blogging great. Be back before you know it; spring is just around the corner.

Ciao for now… AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  🙂



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