Snow White Castle Cake

So guess what? Dreams come true!  I finally got to make a princess castle cake. This one is Snow White themed, with a whimsical twist to it.

I had intended to do a step-by-step photo post on the process of making this beauty, but it was one of those busy kinds of weeks… again… so it didn’t happen. BUT! I had to share the finished product with you! It’s too exciting not to.

Would you be interested in learning how to do something like this? I’d love know it if you would! Or at least hear about what creative ideas you have about what to do with cake. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

And yes, these pictures are all almost the same. Hehe, but I had to post them all ’cause I couldn’t pick a favourite. 🙂





THANK YOU Paul and Sarah for being fantastic customers! This was a delight to make.

Back soon,


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