Peonies and Gold, Wedding Cake [Windsor, ON]


Early this past September I had the distinct privilege of making this cake for Michal and Courtney’s wedding at Caesar’s Windsor; and what an adventure it was! The cake was complete with edible gold glitter, made from sugar to provide extra texture for its look, and edible hand-made sugar peonies, which took me about 6 weeks to complete. The cake had 2 white chocolate cherry layers, one red velvet layer with cream cheese frosting, and one large, heavy banana fudge layer – One of the richest, densest cakes I have on my menu. Needless to say… I couldn’t carry this cake on my own to its final resting place – it was much too heavy! So, for safety– it had to go in pieces, and I finished the assembly on site.

This particular cake was taken on as the “Last” of my wedding orders for now. I was asked to make this cake while I was in Germany earlier this year, and I was contemplating closing the business at that time; yet, this couple specifically expressed their appreciation for my detail work in sugar flowers, and well… that got me. I couldn’t say no to that! Sugar flowers are something I’ve largely taught myself to do, and I love the complexity and challange of learning to make new ones. Also, the reference photos they sent me were too beautiful and intriguing a project to turn down.

I love making elegant, statement cakes that are fairly simple, yet somehow intricate and complex as they meet the eye. This cake was perfectly suited to my taste in that way, and though I had a lot of learning to do as I approached this project, I was pleased with how it turned out.

The reason I say that this is “The last” of my wedding orders for now is that my business, Silver Spoon Cakes, is going through a transition phase right now, in which I intend to stop taking orders as I have in the past in order to focus on teaching.  I want to put more into teaching here, on my blog, as well as locally to people interested in taking up this hobby/skill.

I’ll go into that more on another day – But for now, here are some photos of this cake! I hope you enjoy them.

A big THANK YOU to Michal and Courtney for the joy of making this cake and for all that it taught me, and to all of you who have supported me and my work in the past. I am so thankful for the learning experience every cake has been, and for the joy it has been to meet all of you and serve you in this way. You’ve been a blessing to me!


If you’re interested to hear more about my work with cakes, please come back and visit soon! I’ll be writing a bit about my journey with cakes, its joys and its challenges, on the blog soon.

Bye for now!



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