Homemade Chicken Soup [Hospitality Sunday]


This recipe is one I’ve wanted to share recently, especially since I was sick for just over a week, and the whole time, I wanted nothing more than a good bowl of homemade chicken soup to find its way to my bedside.

This recipe in particular just tastes like home – and I’m so, so thankful that Mom has figured out a way to put this into actual recipe form (she’s one of those, “Just put some of this, and some of that and you’ll get soup” kinds of people… which is hard to duplicate, if you know what I mean).

Since I help my mom with her blog, in photos and in typing everything up, I thought I might as well share some of that work here as well. If you like the look of this soup (which is actually pretty simple to make), hop on over to Hospitality Sunday to see This Recipe and any others that might catch your fancy. It’s all hearty, homemade goodness over there, and I think you will enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping in!




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