A Slight Intermission

Hey everyone!
I had intended to write “Part 5” of my story on the blog this week, but frankly, I can’t. I’m just… working and stuff, and I don’t have time. 😦 Sad day! But I’m thankful for my job, so not too sad – just… you know. Sometimes you gotta roll with the punches, or blog with the days off, and only with the days off.
If you were looking forward to the next post in this series, leave me a comment to let me know – that’s always encouraging! I’d love to know that you’re enjoying these posts.
Otherwise… I’ll just send this update out into the void, hoping someone will read it, with a picture to showcase what’s coming next.
Here’s an oldie but a goodie: I call this photo, “Blogging in the Same Home as Little Sisters.” And yes; I’m kneeling on a hardwood floor in the window seat in the dining room, because the lighting is usually too dark in our kitchen (or anywhere else for that matter) for blogging. I don’t live in a blogger’s dream house – Natural light is a rare commodity here.
I tell you that in case you’re a blogger, feeling limited by your space. You- can- do it!
MarsBars (23)ed
Back next week!



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