Apple Pie Scones [Dinner with Julie]

Hey everyone!

So I’ve been trying to branch out and try more recipes from other blogs, so that I can learn from my fellow food bloggers, and share with you the recipes I enjoy most.

This recipe from Dinner with Julie was an instant favourite! I thought for sure they would fall apart, but the pictures looked so incredible that I had to try it to find out… and sure enough, they held together beautifully and looked so cool that I felt a few notches cooler myself for having made them.

In typical fashion, I couldn’t stick to her recipe exactly – I used brown sugar instead of white for the dough, and I also put some rolled oats and cinnamon in there as well.

But wow. So, so good. and incredibly impressive looking. Also, they’re pretty quick to whip up – so if you’re as curious as me, give this recipe a try!

Click Here or on the photo to see the recipe!


Thanks Julie for sharing this keeper! I definitely want to make them again.

Back soon,




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