Juggling Confidence and Blogger Burnout [Weekly Recap]


After I finished My Story posts a couple of weeks ago, I figured I should taking up writing once a week about my current happenings. I’m guessing that if you were following those posts, you might like to see how “My Story” continues from here – and well, if you wouldn’t, I’m sure curious. So, I’m gonna write it down, if only for my own benefit.

This past week was actually pretty challenging. It was one of those weeks where you feel like everything you do, you’re juggling with 10 other tasks and emotions, and no matter how hard you try to keep to keep them going, you’re dropping all of your items to be juggled as quickly as you can throw them. The result then was that I felt super insecure most of the time – about everything. Goals seem impossible to me when I’m feeling like I’m incapable of keeping them going… It’s a lot harder to roll with the punches when you feel like you’re dropping your confidence, and all of your other aspirations, every time you get hit with the slightest knock.

I had one day in particular where I felt like I was just soldiering through, determined to do what I’d set out to do despite the pending threat of tears, and somehow, I came across This Article by A Pinch of Yum, a blogger that I’ve been following for a while. Talk about wonderful. The article is about blogger burnout, and I was just so encouraged to read that I’m not the only person who gets tired doing this thing that I love… and that getting tired when you’re stretched thin doesn’t mean you’re gonna fail at what you’re aiming to achieve.

I guess it was just what I needed this week to be reminded that it’s okay to take time on things. To not be perfect at everything. And, to learn from your mistakes and experiences, enjoying the journey as well as the destination. God is good to give us what we need, when we need it! That post was something I think I needed to read.

I’ll be back soon! Hopefully with a few less items to juggle, and with confidence tucked into my heart instead of tumbling around in my clumsy hands. I’m thankful that God can do this in me. 🙂

Thanks for reading,




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