Assembling Piping Bags [Tutorial and Giveaway]

Alrighty!  This may all be common knowledge to you guys, but *just* in case not, here’s a tutorial!  My last cake decorating tutorial was about Frosting a Cake— and this is step #1 of the next part, decorating a cake. 
Now, this is an easy one, so I’m also going to take this opportunity to do… Dun dun na– ANOTHER giveaway!  This time, all you need to do to enter is share the picture of the prize package (which I will be posting tomorrow on the Sugar and Spice Facebook page) FROM the Sugar and Spice Facebook Page.  Other shares I will not see, and they will not count– it’s gotta be from the original photo.
The winner’s name will be posted on the Facebook page on the date of my next cake decorating tutorial, July 17, 2012.  From there, the winner can message me to figure out the details of claiming their prize.  
Now!  On to the tutorial.  🙂
Here’s what you’re going to need:

Piping bags (plastic, reusable, or parchment)

Plastic couplers
Piping tips
Now.  Piping bags.  You can use disposable bags (my favorite and the ones used in this tutorial), reusable bags, or parchment bags.  I like to use the plastic ones because A) You don’t have to wash them, B) You don’t have to wash them, C) You don’t have to wash them, and D)– Can you guess?
Basically, they work really well and they’re super convenient.  🙂  But it does mean buying new bags every time you run out, so you can get the reusable ones if you’d rather.  Parchment is great for some things, but I prefer plastic most of the time, again, for the convenience of it. 
What’s a coupler, you might ask?  This is a coupler:

It– is– way cool.  Couplers allow you to change piping tips without changing bags– so if you have 5 different patterns that you want in the same color, you don’t have to make 5 bags.  You just make one, and switch the tip when you need to.  🙂  So while you don’t *need* a coupler… I recommend them for sure.  And this is how you assemble a bag with one!

First, open up the bag, remove the outside screw from the coupler, and slip the base of the coupler inside.  Push it up into the tip of the bag, like so.

Next, put the coupler screw over the outside of the bag and start to screw it onto the base.  It won’t really go on, but that’s okay– all you want it to do is make a dent in the bag.

Next, remove the screw and the base of the coupler.  There should be a nice little line in the plastic, like this:

(Note:  This will work with paper or some reusable bags as well.  Reusable bags might require a little more guess work, depending on where you got them.)

Once you have the mark on the bag, cut the top off about a 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch above it, like so.

Next, push the coupler base back up to the tip of the bag.  You’ll want to push it in firmly, just far enough for the top thread of the coupler base screw to peep above the cut edge of the bag. 

Now, set the desired tip on top of the coupler base…

…And screw it into place.

And there you have it!  Also, before you stick the icing in there, make a cuff on the end of the bag by folding it over like this– then hold the bag by the inside the cuff while you fill it, and then unfold the clean cuff up around the icing to enclose it neatly.  Then twist, twist– and pipe! 

And that’s it!  I hope this has been helpful, or if you already knew all of this, at least an enjoyable read.  Thanks for stopping in!  And don’t forget to check Facebook tomorrow for that photo… I hope you win!
Bye for now,


Here’s the contest photo!  Share it on Facebook to win this prize!  🙂




  1. you really helped me. When I first bought this icing bag, hoping it would give me an edge in my upcoming cooking contest, I was clueless on how to assemble or use it. But this step to step tutorial helped me a lot. Thnx


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