About Naomi

Hi there! I’m Naomi, and it’s a pleasure to meet you!

To begin, I’ll tell you that I work at a coffee shop and bakery (which I love) in Windsor, Ontario Canada, and that I recently “closed” a business that I started when I was 16 years old making wedding cakes. I say “closed” because… well, closing can’t stop me from making wedding cakes. I love it too much, so my cake making days are far from over, and I hope this blog will see many more of them in the days to come!

In my spare (or rather, my carved-out-of-every-moment-I-can-find) time, I blog on here – sharing recipes (of my own, or favourites from other bloggers), and reflections on blogging, living, and thinking which I hope will be an encouragement to you… or at least provide you with some entertainment here and there.

I am the fifth oldest in a family of 12 (all entrepreneurs in their own way), a home school graduate, and a lover of little things; like the sound of the rain falling in the spring, the taste of fresh strawberries in the summer, the smell of bread baking in the fall, and the sight of small children with chubby, rosy cheeks in the winter.

Also, I love tea and coffee.  Did I mention that?  These are daily occurrences, yet they somehow never cease to thrill the socks off of me.

I love pictures, I love people, and I love fairy tales… But most of all, I love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

If you’d like to read a little bit more about me, you can check out my 10-part series (below) in which I talk a little bit about why I started a business at 16 years of age, and what eventually made me decide to quit making cakes – And move to Germany for a while, which changed my life in many ways.Here’s the series!

Oatmeal and French Toast [My Story, Part 1]

Meager Beginnings [My Story, Part 2]

Timid, Reckless Courage [My Story, Part 3]

Pie on the Sidewalk [My Story, Part 4]

Dreams, Plans, and Miracles [My Story, Part 5]

A Change of Plans [My Story, Part 6]

The Gift of Freedom [My Story, Part 7]

“It’s All Grace” – Life at Bodenseehof [My Story, Part 8]

Old and New Dreams [My Story, Part 9]

The End of One Chapter and the Beginning of the Next [My Story, Part 10/10]


Please leave a comment if you stopped in! I’d love to get to know you a bit, and to have a record of your visit.

Bye for now!




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