Freezing Apples for Baking [Tutorial]

Many moons ago, I posted a tutorial for how to freeze fruit so that it doesn’t all stick together, making it easier to use in baking.

Then, with all of my fall/winter baking, I was wondering… Can you freeze apples the same way? Most of the time you wouldn’t need to do this, but when you have a lot of apples and not a lot of time to get to them – I wanted to find a way to preserve them for later use.

I’d never seen or heard of people freezing apples, so I figured there must be a reason for it. So, I tried it – expecting it to flop, because I supposed the general population must have a reason for not freezing apple pieces… right? I expected them to turn brown, change consistency, and just generally not work right after they were frozen.

HOWEVER… Long story short, guess what I discovered? You CAN freeze them, and they work perfectly well for baking!  There’s just one catch: Often, recipes for apples count on the juice from the fruit mixing with the dough a bit, making it a little more moist; if you had frozen apples with the juice locked in, it wouldn’t work the same way. For example, I have a coffee cake recipe that is quite dry, and the juice from the apples is what makes the mixture into a batter that bakes into the finished cake. I also rely on the juice from the apples to blend with flour and sugar in homemade (uncooked) apple pie fillings, since it causes all of the ingredients to stick together and blend better.

So, here’s the deal – You can freeze apples for baking, but you would need to thaw them out before mixing them into recipes that require the juice to mix a bit with other ingredients, like pie. I have tried the coffee cake recipe and pie with apples that needed to thaw a bit – and both worked perfectly! Yay.

For recipes that don’t need the juice, like scone batter, cookie dough, muffin batter, or basic quick breads – You can just add the frozen apple pieces to your recipe, and they should work perfectly well.

Now, how to freeze them? Click Here to view my old “How to freeze fruit” tutorial! Just make sure you peel and core the apples first, ok?

Let me know how it goes!



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